Apply for a Cash for Kids Grant

Cash for Kids is a grant-giving charity helping the children that need it most across the UK.

General Grants

Our grant rounds support children from birth up to and including 18 years of age who are vulnerable, come from disadvantaged backgrounds or are living with an illness or disability. We also provide a lifeline to many other charities, organisations and community groups, funding much-needed services and life-changing equipment.

The value of a grant is typically from £1,000 to £3,000 but we will happily consider applications for larger amounts.

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How to Apply

General Grants are currently closed while we process applications for Holiday Hunger grants from our Cash for Kids Day appeal.

Area Covered

Grant applications can only be made to support children living in the UK, or registered charities that help children from the UK.

If you are unsure whether you can apply please contact the Cash for Kids team at

Important Information

Meetings are dependent on the donations we receive, and as such the dates may change.

Additional funding rounds may also be made available for specific campaigns - these will be detailed on our website.

All decisions made by the board are final, and all applications will receive a response once a decision has been made at the meetings detailed above.

Withdrawing a grant

Cash for Kids has a duty of care to ensure that the grants it distributes achieve the intended outcomes. If we believe that the terms and conditions of a grant have been breached, we take this seriously and will take appropriate action.

If we, at our sole discretion, consider the breach(es)to be serious and unresolvable, we may take one or both of the following actions:

  • Suspend the organisation or individual from making future grant applications.
  • Recover all or some of the grant funds received from Cash for Kids.

We will notify you in writing of our decision to take one or both of the above actions.

Reasons why we may request return of grant funds

We will give you the opportunity to try and resolve any issues and will only request the return of grant funds if we believe that the situation cannot be resolved. Below is a list of circumstances that may result in a request to return grant funds. This list is not exhaustive and other reasons may also apply:

  • An applicant or grant holder provides false or misleading information at any stage of the Grant application, Grant fulfilment or Grant evidence process.
  • Grant funds are spent on items or services that do not relate to the original application for funding, where a change of use has not been approved by Cash for Kids.
  • The grant holder does not provide the required Grant monitoring / Financial evidence within 6 months of approval, unless an extension has been approved by Cash for Kids.
  • The receipts / Financial evidence that the grant holder has provided in relation to the grant do not total, or exceed, the full amount of the grant.
  • Someone involved in the project or organisation is under investigation by us, a regulatory body or the police.
  • The grant holder has failed to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the grant agreement or any additional terms and conditions to which it has signed up.
  • A pre-agreed project has not been completed within 6 months, unless an extension has been granted by Cash for Kids.

Requesting a review of a decision to withdraw a grant

You may only request a review of the decision to withdraw a grant/suspend future grant applications if you can demonstrate that there have been significant errors in the facts used to make the decision.

Requests to review must be made in writing to with Title ‘Request to Review and include the Grant Reference number’.

Exclusions List

This list applies to all Cash for Kids grant types and should be read in conjunction with the eligibility criteria specific to the application being made. Applications will be rejected if any of the below apply.

  • Annual reporting submitted late to Charity Commission / OSCR in the last 2 years
  • Charity Commission / OSCR flags or warnings including, but not limited to, charities at risk of removal from register, qualified accounts, regulatory alert
  • A project which would, in the reasonable opinion of the charity's Trustees, harm the reputation of the charity.
  • Cash grants to individuals or families.
  • Charities / organisations less than 12 months old
  • Cosmetic or dental procedures.
  • Educational bursaries or scholarships.
  • Extensive building projects and repairs / renovations (we can agree if it is a renovation for accessibility reasons or general wear and tear)
  • Funding for projects that should be paid for by statutory bodies
  • Funeral Costs or headstones. There is support available for families; England -, Scotland -, Wales -, Northern Ireland -
  • Garden renovations / fencing (We can agree an adaption for accessibility such as a ramp for wheelchair access)
  • Holidays (we may consider an application for a support towards a school residential trip for a disadvantaged child)
  • Medical research or medical treatment abroad.
  • Political activity, party political organisations, or for direct lobbying or projects with a political element.
  • Pregnancy testing, advice, information or counselling on pregnancy choices
  • Previous Cash for Kids Grant recipients who have not completed all post grant requirements
  • Projects intended to influence people's religious choices or to promote a particular belief system. (We can support community welfare activities by religious organisations.)
  • Salaries or core costs (other than to facilitate a short-term project / funding for staffing for a maximum of six months e.g., paying fixed-term staffing of a breakfast club in the school holidays for disadvantaged children)
  • Summer houses / outbuildings / sheds
  • To help with budget shortfalls or debt repayments.
  • Trips or projects outside UK/Eire
  • We do not grant to Community Interest Companies (CICs). This is due to a lack of regulation by the Charity Commission, Fundraising Regulator or OSCR. (We may support CICs with Gift in Kind as a grant from Mission Christmas)

Granting Map

This is a small selection of our grants (please note many have not been included for safeguarding).